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European process 16Mo3 steel plate

16Mo3 European standard steel plate introduction

16Mo3 is equivalent to the material of domestic alloy structural steel.

16Mo3 is a kind of foreign grade steel plate, used for making boilers or pressure vessels, corresponding to the domestic grade 12Cr1MoV, is a kind of high-performance alloy material.

12Cr1MoV has simple production process and good welding performance, but it is sensitive to normalizing cooling rate. 580℃ long-term use will produce the second type of temper brittleness due to phosphorus and other impurity elements at the grain boundary segregation caused by. This kind of steel is mainly used after normalizing and high temperature tempering, for the manufacture of superheated steel pipe, conduit, snake pipe and other corresponding forgings in high pressure equipment whose operating temperature does not exceed 570℃.

16Mo3 steel plate implementation standard: EN10028 European standard implementation standard

16Mo3 steel plate Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of steel plate

a. The size, shape and allowable deviation of steel plate should conform to the provisions of national standard

b, the thickness deviation of the steel plate shall meet the requirements of GB/T709 Type B deviation, according to the requirements of the buyer, can also be delivered according to the GB/T709 type C deviation

c. The steel plate is delivered according to the theoretical weight, and the density of the steel plate is 7.85g/cm.

16Mo3 steel plate production process: Raw materials (scrap steel, pig iron, molten iron) - electric furnace (100 tons arc furnace smelting), converter -LF furnace refining treatment -VD or VOD furnace vacuum treatment - heating (continuous furnace and soaking furnace) - steel plate rolling (4100 and 4200mm mills) - steel plate heat treatment (normalizing tempering adjustment) - steel plate cutting inspection - storage

16Mo3 steel plate cutting: steel plate cutting refers to the process of using natural gas flame (oxygen-natural gas) to preheat the cut metal to the ignition point of intense combustion, and then release the hyperbaric oxygen airflow, so that the metal is further intense oxidation and the slag generated by combustion is blown away to form the incision.

Steel plate cutting methods include flame cutting, laser cutting, wire cutting, plate shears, plasma cutting, ultra-high pressure water cutting and other methods

Flame cutting equipment is low cost and is an economical and effective means of cutting thick metal plate, but it has its shortcomings in thin plate cutting. So thick plates are usually cut with flame.


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