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Advantages of I-beams in daily applications

Whether in engineering construction or in ordinary daily life, the scope of application of I-steel is really too common, and it can reflect the demand for I-steel is really too huge.

Just like all people have been mainly showing more for their favorite items, for example, for a person who likes special food, then she will eat a lot of their favorite ingredients, and even must taste to the degree of not eating, for a person who likes to dress up, then her clothes pants, boots, skin care products will also be more than the number.

In fact, it is also like I-steel, that is, there are so many areas using this kind of stainless steel plate, then I-steel must have its personal advantages, perhaps understand the use of I-steel coverage is wide due to what advantages.

1. Light weight, convenient and fast construction.

2. I-steel anti-aging, strong use period.

3. the design scheme of I-steel is strong, I-steel is easy to laser cutting, electric welding, and can adjust the length of I-steel according to its own needs.

4. with dielectric strength, magnetic transmission, fire safety and flame retardant, insulation layer heat insulation and other characteristics.

5. before and after all are symmetrical, since ancient times have paid attention to the symmetry of the United States, so I steel from the appearance of the design seems to meet many people's aesthetic.

Do you understand the advantages of the wide coverage of I-beams

Do you know this advantage of I-steel, the effect of each stainless steel plate is not the same sometimes because of its own characteristics are not the same, the difference in characteristics caused by the I-steel in the main use level will be very different.


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