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Galvanized sheet quality inspection to look at these aspects?

In most cases, we need to purchase galvanized sheet wholesale, so we must pay attention to its specific quality.

Packing condition

The plate produced by regular manufacturers should have regular packaging, packaging should be designed in accordance with the size of the plate, generally with iron packaging, the same internal also need to have moisture-proof paper and so on. External to use a special rope, and to ensure that the binding is firm. This can avoid friction of the bar, affecting the overall quality.

Specification and size

The specific size specifications of each galvanized sheet are different, so we should pay special attention to whether the specific size meets the requirements. Be sure to measure its standard thickness, but also to determine whether its length, width, etc., in the allowable deviation range. If it is customized processing, then we should also pay attention to whether the specific size of the good plate meets the requirements, so as not to affect the later application.

Appearance comparison

High quality galvanized sheet surface state is good, will not appear scars, cracks, bubbles, etc., surface treatment in place, naturally can also ensure a good plate life. If there is a certain defect, then pay attention to whether it is within the allowable range. If the quality of the plate is guaranteed, then the long-term use of nature is also guaranteed.


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