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What is the stainless steel composition detection

Stainless steel composition detection is through the analysis of stainless steel composition, determine the composition and content of stainless steel, determine whether it meets the standard requirements.

Test standard:

ASTM E1086-14 Test Method for Optical Emission Vacuum Spectroscopic Analysis of Stainless Steel by point-Opposite Excitation Technique

GB/T 11170-2008 Stainless Steel. Determination of multielement content. Spark discharge atomic emission spectrometry

Determination of chemical composition of stainless steel by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Standard Test Method for Determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen Content in Steel, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys

Determination of total carbon and sulfur content in iron and steel -- infrared absorption method after combustion in high-frequency induction furnace (conventional method)

Determination of nitrogen content in iron and steel -- inert gas fusion thermal conductivity method (conventional method)

Iron and steel -- Determination of oxygen content -- pulse heating inert gas melting -- infrared absorption method

Service process:

Consultation and communication: confirm customer test items, test standards, test requirements, and fill in the test application form

Provide samples: Samples can be sent or on-site testing

Contract payment: after confirming the entrustment, arrange the payment and notify the opening of the case after receiving the payment

Analyze the test: Arrange the test according to the test request form

Issue the report: Issue the report according to the test application form and test results, and sign and seal the test report after confirmation by the entrusting party

Send the report: After the test report is signed and stamped, send it together with the invoice

Value-added service: Test sample retention for 2 months


Our advantages:

1. Report authority: with CMA qualification

2. Advanced equipment: It has more than 300 sets of professional inspection and testing equipment in the industry

3. Professional team: With professional service and testing team, the business covers the whole country

4. Machining center: It has its own CNC machining center to meet the requirements of processing and sample preparation of different testing items


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