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There are several models of stainless steel

We often need to use stainless steel in our daily life. There are many categories of this material on the market. How many models are there of stainless steel material?

There are several models of stainless steel material

It is generally divided into five categories, namely martensite, ferrite, biphase, austenite and precipitate-hardening. Common 201, 301, 304, etc. are in the austenite range, they have no magnetism, while 410, 430, etc. are in the martensite range, the magnetism is very strong. Usually used stainless steel mostly 304 stainless steel, it is widely used in our food storage, industrial equipment and other fields.

Two, how to identify stainless steel material

1, the use of magnet identification, the magnetism of chromium stainless steel is very strong, no matter what state can be attracted to the magnet, and chromium nickel stainless steel in annealing is not magnetic, after cooling construction will have magnetic, and high manganese steel containing fierce high, so there is no magnetic this identification method is very convenient, and no professional supplies.

2, from the color identification, the use of acid cleaning stainless steel appearance color difference, such as chrome nickel stainless steel color is silver, chrome stainless steel color is gray white, chromium manganese nitrogen stainless steel and chromium nickel little difference, without acid cleaning stainless steel outer color is, chromium nickel steel is brown white, chromium steel is brown black, chromium manganese nitrogen is black.

3, the use of copper sulfate identification, the first stainless steel outer layer above the oxide layer, and then to the above water, if it is to take copper sulfate scrub, then after wiping stainless steel will become purple, this proves that it is high manganese steel, magnetic is ordinary steel or low alloy steel.



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