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Combined stainless steel water tank production process introduction

1. Before entering the site, check the quantity, thickness and supporting materials of the tank module and bottom plate in the process according to the contract requirements.

2. Weld the four folding corners of the module first after entering the site. The weld position is the inner edge of the four corners, and the welding height is 3/5 of the height of the corner folding.

3. Weld the bottom plate of the stainless steel water tank, the weld is uniform and neat, and there shall be no bubbles and welding pits.

4. Assemble around the lower side plate of the spot welding water tank on the bottom plate. Before assembly, select the module with the corresponding plate thickness according to the requirements of the drawings, and knock the four fold edges of the module to level. First, spot weld the lower side plate around the bottom plate, after measuring the two diagonal length error of the surrounding box shall not be greater than 2mm, to ensure that the overall horizontal and vertical combination of the lower side module has been spot-welded.

5. Weld the sides of the lower module and the tank bottom plate. Weld is smooth and uniform, no water leakage.

6. Assemble the middle side module of the spot welding water tank. Before assembly, select the module with the corresponding thickness according to the requirements of the drawings, and knock the four-fold edge of the module to straighten and level. The error of the two diagonal lengths of the correction tank shall not be greater than 2mm after the point of the surrounding module. After the correction, the longitudinal and longitudinal inward tension bars of the lower and middle side of the tank shall be welded to stabilize the overall tank square without deformation after welding.

7. Assemble the upper side plate module of the spot welding tank according to the requirements of the sixth procedure. After the spot welding correction, weld the vertical and horizontal tendons of the upper side module to stabilize the square of the upper side wall plate tank without deformation.

8. Fully weld all the inner folding welds of the tank module.

9. Welding the roof module of the water tank. Before welding, determine the welding position of the manhole.

10. Weld the inlet and outlet pipe.

11. Check all tank welds for defects or missing welds, and repair.

12. Test the water, check and fix the leak.


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