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Cold formed steel

Cold-formed steel, also known as steel cooling curved profiles or cold-formed profiles, refers to the hot rolled or cold-rolled strip steel as billet by bending molding made of various cross-section shapes and sizes of steel.

Cold-formed steel is an economic cross-section of light thin-wall steel, also known as steel cooling bending or cold-formed profiles. Cold-formed steel refers to a variety of complex section profiles made of hot or cold rolled strip steel under normal temperature and pressure processing. Also known as thin-wall steel, it is a kind of light structural steel for buildings. It has a variety of extremely thin, reasonably shaped and complex cross sections that cannot be produced by hot rolling. Compared with the hot-rolled section steel, under the same section area, the turning radius can be increased by 50% ~ 60%, and the section moment of inertia can be increased by 0.5 ~ 3.0 times, so the material strength can be used more reasonably. Compared with ordinary steel structure (that is, steel structure made of traditional I-steel, channel steel, Angle steel and steel plate), it can save about 30% to 50% of steel.

Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

1. The surface of the product is smooth, the appearance is good, the size is accurate, and the length can also be adjusted flexibly according to the need, all according to the fixed size or double size supply, improve the utilization rate of materials.

2. Wide variety.

3. Save materials: Cold-formed steel for building structures can save 38% ~ 50% of metal compared to hot-rolled steel, and can save 15% ~ 60% of metal for agricultural machinery and vehicles. Convenient construction, reduce comprehensive costs.

The main products are cold-formed channel steel, Angle steel, Z-shaped steel, cold-formed corrugated steel plate, square pipe, rectangular pipe, electric welding shaped steel pipe, rolling shutter door and so on. Usually the cold-formed steel is produced with a thickness of less than 6mm and a width of less than 500mm. Products are widely used in mining, construction, agricultural machinery, transportation, Bridges, petrochemical, light industry, electronics and other industries. Cold-formed steel is made of ordinary carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel plate or steel strip. Cold-formed steel is an economic section of steel, but also efficient and energy-saving materials, is a new type of steel with strong vitality, it is widely used in various fields of the national economy, its use can be divided into highway guardrail plate, steel structure, automobiles, containers, steel formwork and scaffolding, railway vehicles, ships and Bridges, steel sheet piles, transmission towers.


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