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What are the 7 differences between seamless pipe and welded pipe

1. Different processes

Seamless tube is made of steel billet or solid tube embryo perforation, hot rolling or cold rolling processing. Welded pipe is made by bending and welding steel plates or strips.

2. Different appearance

Seamless steel pipe has no seams on the surface. The surface of the welded pipe is usually welded.

3. Different wall thickness

The precision of seamless steel pipe is low and the wall thickness is relatively thick. Welded tubes are of high precision and usually have thin walls.

4. Different raw materials

Seamless steel pipe is made of billet or solid tube embryo. Welded pipes use steel plates or strips.

5. Different performance

In corrosion resistance, pressure, high temperature resistance and other properties, seamless steel pipe will be better than welded pipe.

6. Different prices

Seamless steel pipe is more expensive than welded pipe, because the production process of seamless steel pipe is more complex, its cost is higher.

7. Different functions

Seamless steel pipe is generally used for conveying fluids in special environments such as high pressure and high temperature resistance. Welded pipe is usually used as a low pressure fluid transfer line.


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