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Use and classification of pipe fittings

High pressure pipe fitting is suitable for high pressure steam equipment, chemical high temperature and high pressure pipeline, power and nuclear power plant pressure vessels, high pressure boiler accessories and other special environment. Pipe fitting is the general term for the parts and components that connect, control, reverse, divert, seal and support the piping system.

Classification of pipe fittings

1. Pipe fittings used for pipe connection include flanges, live joints, pipe clips, sleeve, etc.

2. Pipe fitting to change the direction of the pipe: elbow

3. Pipe fittings for changing pipe diameter: reducing diameter (reducing pipe), reducing elbow

4. Add pipe fittings for pipeline branches: three-way and four-way

5. Pipe fittings for pipe sealing: gasket, raw material belt, thread hemp, flange blind plate, pipe plug

6. Pipe fittings for pipe fixation: clasp ring, hook, hanging ring, bracket, bracket, pipe clamp, etc.

Pipe fittings can be divided into four categories according to the method of connection: sleeve fittings, threaded fittings, flanged fittings and welded fittings.

The use of stainless steel elbow measures and precautions

In the use and maintenance of stainless steel elbow, need to pay attention to a lot of matters. The use of stainless steel elbow measures and considerations are as follows:

1. The stainless steel elbow stored for a long time should be inspected as planned. It is often necessary to keep it clean, clean the exposed appearance, remove dirt, store it neatly in an indoor ventilated area, and do not stack or store it in the open. Adhere to stainless steel elbow drying and ventilation, equipment cleaning, and in accordance with accurate storage methods.

2. When the equipment is used, the stainless steel elbow can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the connection mode, and the equipment can be executed according to the use position. In general, it can be anywhere in the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to operate. Note that the flow medium of the cut stainless steel elbow should flow upward under the longitudinal valve, and the stainless steel elbow can only be horizontal equipment. The stainless steel elbow in the equipment should be sealed to avoid large leakage and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

3 stainless steel elbow ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, can only open and close, not allowed to adjust the flow, so as to avoid corrosion sealing surface, accelerated wear. The gate valve and upper thread cut-off valve are provided with a back sealing device, and the top is fixed with the handwheel to prevent the leakage of the medium at the filling point.

4. Make stainless steel elbows with hand wheels. Do not use levers or other tools to avoid damaging valve components. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close and vice versa.

5. The bolts on the packing cover of the stainless steel elbow valve should be tightened evenly and should not be pressed into the bending state to avoid contact with or interference with the movement of the valve stem or leakage.

6 stainless steel elbow should be kept clean in the process of use, the transmission thread must be executed smoothly according to the plan, once found fault, should immediately stop using, and find out the cause of the fault.


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