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201 stainless steel J series models, differences, performance

201 stainless steel J series models, differences, performance


201 stainless steel, also known as austenitic stainless steel, its biggest characteristic is the low nickel content, the addition of manganese, nitrogen, copper and other elements in the steel instead of part of nickel, control the strong impact of material properties of carbon and sulfur, with a relatively low cost to obtain high strength steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance to atmosphere, steam and water and other weak media, as well as acid, salt and alkali resistance and other chemical corrosion characteristics. Because of its high density, polishing no bubbles, no pinholes, high cost performance characteristics, widely used in kitchen equipment decoration surface. However, because the manganese content of 201 stainless steel is high, it is easy to rust after heating or contact with strong corrosive substances, so it is generally used in non-high temperature and low corrosion environment.


Due to the 201 stainless steel material containing less nickel, high hardness, difficult to process, easy to break in the process, so the steel mill in 201 stainless steel on the basis of improving the composition, the production of 201J series of stainless steel material, reduce the nickel element, add copper element, can make the steel softer, easy to process, not only reduce the cost of steel, and meet the market requirements. 201 stainless steel due to the composition and application of different fields, so produced J1, J2, J3, J4, J5 five types.

The difference:

201J series stainless steel nickel, chromium content is not particularly big difference, the biggest difference is the amount of copper and carbon content. The higher the copper content, the softer the material, the easier it is to process, and the higher the price. The copper content from high to low is J4, J1, J3, J2, J5. The order of carbon content from high to low is J5, J2, J3, J1, J4; Hardness arrangement from high to low order is J5, J2, J3, J1, J4; The price from the highest to the bottom is high copper J4, then J1, J3, J2, J5.

Tensile properties:

Copper quality is soft, in addition to chromium and nickel in stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance, more importantly, it can determine the tensile properties and ductility of stainless steel. J2 contains 0.3% copper, belongs to low copper material, is not suitable for stretching, is currently widely used in the market plate material, only ensure 90 degree turn, can not planing, can not stretch; J1 contains 0.8% copper, belonging to medium copper material, suitable for ordinary shallow stretching and small Angle type of stretching products, such as sinks, sanitary ware, etc. J4 belongs to high copper material, containing 1% copper, belongs to 201 stainless steel series of relatively high-end type, suitable for deep drawing and deep drawing products, small Angle type, such as kitchenware, is a professional 201 stainless steel tensile material.


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