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A long strip of steel with a hollow section and no surrounding joints: petroleum cracking pipe


Implementation Standard and Introduction of petroleum cracking pipe:

Seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking pipe (GB9948-2006, non-equivalent ISO 9329/2:1997)

This standard applies to seamless steel tubes for boiler tubes, heat exchanger tubes and pressure pipes used in petrochemical industry.

Seamless steel pipes in this standard are divided into two categories according to the manufacturing methods of products. The categories and codes are as follows:

Hot rolled (extruded, expanded) steel pipe WH;

Cold drawn (tied) steel pipe WC.

Steel pipe grade

10, 20, 15CrMo, 1Cr2Mo, 1Cr5Mo, etc

Delivery status

10, 20< Hot rolled tube final rolling, cold drawn tube normalizing >

15CrMo< Hot rolled pipe final rolling + tempering, cold drawn pipe normalizing + tempering >

1Cr2Mo< Hot rolled pipe final rolling + tempering, cold drawn pipe normalizing + tempering >

1Cr5Mo< Annealing >

Weight calculation formula: general carbon tube: (OD - wall thickness) X wall thickness X0.02466=KG/M

Alloy tube: (OD - wall thickness) X wall thickness X0.02486=KG/M


1. the use of petroleum cracking pipe manufacturing ring parts, can improve the utilization rate of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing ring, jack sleeve, etc., has been widely used to manufacture steel pipe.

2. oil cracking pipe or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable material, barrel, barrel, etc. to oil cracking pipe to manufacture. Cracking pipe can be divided into round pipe and special pipe according to the shape of cross - sectional area. Since the oil cracking tube has the largest area when the circumference is equal, more fluid can be transported with the round tube.


It is widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding used in construction.

It is suitable for seamless steel tubes for furnace tubes, heat exchanger tubes and pipelines used in petroleum and refineries.


Carbon steel seamless pipe

1. General Purpose Seamless ASTM A53/A106 GR.B, Specification: 1/4 "-28",13.7-711.2mm

2. Pipeline API SPEC 5L, Steel number: B, X42, X46, X52, specification: 1/4 "-28",13.7-711.2mm

3.ASTM A106/A53/API 5L GR.B, Steel number: B, Specification: 1/4 "-28",13.7-711.2mm

4. Seamless Low Carbon Tubes for Heat exchangers and condensers ASTM A179, Specification: 3/4 ", 1"

5. Seamless ASTM A333 for low-temperature operation at -40℃-101℃, Specification :1/4 "-28",13.7-711.2mm

6. German standard DIN2448/1629 seamless pipe, steel number: St37,St44,St52, specification: 1/4 "-28",13.7-711.2mm

7. Heat resistant steel seamless pipe (hot) DIN17175-1979, steel grade: carbon structural steel St35.8 St45.8 / I, St35.8 St45.8 / III, alloy structural steel 15 mo3, 13 crmo44, 10 crmo910, specifications: 1/4 "- 28, 13.7 711.2 mm

Carbon steel welded pipe

1. American Standard ERW high frequency Welded Pipe ASTM A106, A53, specification: 1/2 "-24",21.3-609.6mm

2. British standard ERW high frequency welded pipe BS1387, specification: 1/2 "-12",21.3-323.8mm


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