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What is carbon steel made of ?

There are many types of steel, one is called carbon steel, what kind of material is this?

1. What is carbon steel made of

Carbon steel, also known as carbon steel, is an iron carbon alloy with an internal carbon content of nearly 2%. In addition to carbon, carbon steel contains many other elements, such as manganese, sulfur, or silicon. Generally speaking, the higher the amount of carbon contained in carbon steel, the greater its hardness, the higher the strength will be produced. Just note that the higher the carbon content, the lower the plasticity.

Two, what are the classification of carbon steel

Carbon steel also has a lot of classification, such as one is carbon structural steel or tool steel and so on, structural steel is divided into mechanical or engineering class. If you follow the smelting method, because the method is different, some open hearth steel.

If it is divided according to the carbon content, according to its percentage, control within 0.25%, it is called low carbon steel, and one is to reach more than 0.6%, called high carbon steel.

If it is divided according to its quality, there is a kind of ordinary, and a kind of high quality or extra high quality steel.

Three, what are the elements that affect carbon steel

1. As mentioned above, carbon steel has different elements, such as silicon, which occupies a proportion of 0.11%~0.38% in general. There is a kind of sulfur element, when the temperature reaches about 1000 degrees, it will lead to the steel performance becomes weak, easy to crack the problem. So if you have a lot of sulfur, it's going to have a bad effect.

2. there are phosphorus elements, if the content is relatively large, can improve its strength, it will be harder to touch. But its toughness is also reduced, so the more you add, the better.

3. In addition, there is manganese. Normal content should be controlled between 0.26% and 0.7%, this element is beneficial to carbon steel.


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