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National standard spiral steel pipe material use

National standard spiral steel pipe material use

National standard spiral steel pipe 9711.1 spiral steel pipe, 9711.2 spiral steel pipe, material classification: 16Mn material spiral steel pipe, Q345B spiral steel pipe, L245 spiral steel pipe, L360 spiral steel pipe, X40-X80 spiral steel pipe, the main uses, sewage treatment with spiral steel pipe, water purification with spiral steel pipe, water plant with spiral steel pipe, power plant chemical enterprise with spiral steel pipe, nuclear power with spiral steel pipe, transport of flammable fluid with spiral steel pipe, Screw steel pipe for conveying non-combustible fluid, national standard screw steel pipe, Ministry of Petroleum standard SY/T5037 screw steel pipe. This product is made of hot-rolled steel strip as raw material, often warm spiral forming, automatic submerged arc welding process welding, the product follows API SPEC 5L, EN10217, GB/T9711.1, GB/T9711.2 standards. It is mainly used for conveying combustible fluid and non-combustible fluid and steel structure in oil and natural gas industry.

Screw steel pipe rusting treatment method

After the spiral steel pipe rusts, the main tools such as wire brush are used to polish the steel surface. The cleaning and preheating of the spiral pipe can remove loose or warped oxide skin, rust, welding slag and so on. Hand tools can reach Sa2 level, power tools can reach Sa3 level, if the spiral pipe surface attached firmly oxide sheet, tool rust removal effect is not ideal, can not reach the anticorrosive construction requirements of anchor grain depth.

New applications are added on the basis of traditional applications, which makes the use of spiral steel pipe more rich, but also reduces the cost of using spiral steel pipe. The radio-frequency sensor provides 200 volts, 50 amps of electricity flowing smoothly through the spiral steel pipe to heat the sample by induction.

The spiral tube itself doesn't get hot, but the sample does get a significant fever. Radio-frequency sensors will provide more control when heating exceeds arc melting, allowing scientists to adjust the specific composition of the alloy. Spiral steel pipe has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity, easy to weld and process forming; General low pressure fluid transmission with spiral seam submerged arc welding spiral steel pipe (SY5037-83), using double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-side welding method for water, gas, air and steam.


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