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439 Stainless Steel standard and performance

439 Stainless Steel standard and performance

439 is a low carbon stainless steel, usually containing rhomb or steel, with good rot resistance and heat resistance.

Standards: ASTM A240 / A240M-18, EN 10088-2, JIS G4305, DIN EN 1.4510, etc.

Chemical composition: the chemical composition of 439 stainless steel is commonly: 17-19% chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) 0.75%, titanium (Ti) or ð « Ÿ ´ 0.30 0.60% (Nb), iron (Fe) and phosphorus (Ni) and so on it

439 Stainless steel features

Anti-decay: 439 stainless steel has good anti-decay, can withstand water vapor, moisture, high temperature oxidation and some chemical decay, so it is often used in high temperature.

Heat resistance: 439 stainless steel has good heat resistance in high temperature environment, can withstand high temperature up to 815℃ temperature.

Machinability: 439 steel is easy to process, shape and weld, often used in the manufacture of automobile exhaust system.

Strength: 439 stainless steel with moderate strength and hardness, suitable for some high strength applications.

Application: 439 stainless steel is widely used in automobile exhaust system, home appliances, gas water heater, chemical industry equipment and other fields.


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