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Is 20G high carbon steel or low carbon steel?

20G is a steel specially designed for use in low-carbon boilers. This steel is based on the production of No. 20 low carbon steel in steel mills, after a series of strict boiler steel related standards certification, before obtaining production qualifications and put into production. Therefore, 20G can be regarded as a special steel specially designed for boiler production.

The name 20G comes from its carbon content, where the "G" stands for boiler steel. The carbon content of this steel is strictly controlled below 0.2%, so it is classified as low carbon steel. Mild steel is a plastic material, which means it can be easily bent and molded into a variety of shapes and sizes to meet different needs.

In boiler production, the processing performance of 20G is very good. It can be easily bent, rounded, etc., which makes it highly flexible and widely applicable in the boiler manufacturing process. Therefore, 20G is an indispensable and important material in boiler production.


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