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  • welded I-steel
  • welded I-steel
  • welded I-steel

Underground steel pile welded I-steel S275JR 125x125x6.5x9 304 stainless steel structure steel beam

I beam is light in weight, good in bending resistance, reasonable in strucyture and convenient in use.

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I beam is light in weight, good in bending resistance, reasonable in strucyture and convenient in use. I beam has good sersmic performance, saves materials, and alse reduces energy and labor consumption. Good appearance and surface quality, suitable for all-weather construction, litter affedted by climate conditions. It is convenient for machining , connection and installation between structures, removal and reuse.

Mainmaterials: 301 ,304 ,304L ,304N ,304LM ,XM21 ,305 ,309S ,310S ,316 ,316TI ,316L,316N ,316LN ,317 ,317L ,321 ,347 ,329 ,405 ,409 ,430 ,434 ,444 ,403 ,410 ,420 ,440A ,2205 ,2207 etc

I-section steel is an efficient and economical section steel with more optimized section area distribution and more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio. Because its part is the same as the English letter "I", it gets its name. Because each part of I-shaped steel is arranged at right angles, I-shaped steel has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight in all directions, and has been widely used. An economic section shaped like a capital Latin letter H, also known as a universal steel beam, a wide flange (side) I-beam or a parallel flange I-beam. The section of an H-beam usually consists of two parts, the web and the flange, also known as the waist and the edge. The inner and outer flanges of H-shaped steel are parallel or approximately parallel, and the two ends of the flanges are at right angles, so it is called parallel flanged I-steel. The web thickness of I-type steel is less than the ordinary I-steel with the same high web, and the flange width is greater than the ordinary I-steel with the same high web, so it is also called the wide flange I-steel. Determined by the shape, the section modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beam are obviously better than that of ordinary I-beam of the same weight.




304 stainless steel








Hot Rolled,Cold rolled


workshop, warehouse, plant,Steel web frame structure,Steel H-column and steel H-beam,Portal frame products, High rise building project


2 Metric Ton

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Bundled with firm steel straps, easy for loading

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20 days after deposit

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L/C , T/T or Western Union

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50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month


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