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What are the classifications of stainless steel decorative plates

Stainless steel decorative plate classification

By surface

1, color stainless steel mirror plate

Mirror plate, also known as 8k plate, through polishing equipment with grinding liquid on the stainless steel plate polishing, so that the plate luminosity is clear like a mirror, and then electroplating color.

2, color stainless steel wire drawing plate

Drawing board is also known as hair silk, because the lines such as hair slender and straight named. The surface has a filamentous texture, which is a stainless steel processing process. The surface is matte, looks textured, but not out, than the general bright stainless steel wear-resistant, and looks more grade. There are a variety of hair lines, such as hair lines, snow sand lines, and lines, cross lines, cross lines, etc. All lines are processed by oil throwing hair lines machine according to the requirements of electroplating and coloring.

3, color stainless steel sandblasting board

The sandblasting board is processed on the surface of the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment with zirconium beads, so that the surface presents fine bead sand surface and then electroplating coloring, so that it has a unique decorative effect.

4, color stainless steel combination process plate

The process of polishing hair lines, coating, etching and sandblasting on the same surface and then electroplating and coloring. .

5, color stainless steel and grain plate

From a distance and the grain (clutter) board is a circle of sand grain composition, near is not the size of clutter. From the grinding head down the left and right irregular swing grinding into electroplating coloring. Whether and the grain board or drawing board is one of the frosted board, because the surface state of the plate is not the same, resulting in the different.

6, color stainless steel etching plate

Etching plate is based on mirror plate, drawing board, sandblasting board as the base plate, chemical action on the surface, corrosion of various patterns and reprocessing. For etching plate local and grain, wire drawing, gold, titanium and other complex process, to achieve a clear pattern, brilliant color effect.

By process

1, electroplating: through the action of electrolysis, the surface of metal or other materials attached to a layer of metal film. It can prevent corrosion, wear resistance, conductivity, reflection and aesthetic effect.

2. Water plating: independent of external power supply, chemical reduction reaction is carried out in aqueous solution by the reducing agent in the plating solution. The process of continuous reduction of metal ions on the autocatalytic surface to form a metal coating.

3, fluorocarbon paint: refers to the process of coating with fluorine resin as the main film forming substance.

4, painting: the use of compressed air spray paint into a mist to reflect different colors on the stainless steel plate.

By color

According to the color to classify black titanium, sky blue, titanium, coffee, brown, purple red, bronze, rose gold, titanium, green, green, champagne gold, bronze, pink, Japanese gold, color and other colors.


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