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Does zinc plated carbon steel rust?

First, the corrosion resistance of galvanized carbon steel

Carbon steel is an alloy steel, because of its high carbon content, will react with oxygen, resulting in the formation of iron oxide (that is, rust). In order to improve the corrosion resistance of carbon steel, galvanizing is often used for anti-corrosion treatment. Galvanized is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of carbon steel, through the galvanized layer and air or water contact, the resulting oxide can block the contact between carbon steel and the external environment, so as to play a role in corrosion resistance. Therefore, galvanized carbon steel has strong corrosion resistance.

Second, whether carbon steel galvanized rust

Although galvanized carbon steel has strong corrosion resistance, corrosion may still occur in specific environments. For example, in the presence of organic chemicals such as pencil lead and toner, these compounds may affect the protective effect of the galvanized layer, making the surface of the carbon steel prone to rust. In addition, in high temperature, acidic, alkaline and other special environments, the protective effect of the galvanized layer may also be weakened, resulting in corrosion on the surface of carbon steel.

Therefore, although carbon steel galvanized has strong corrosion resistance, it still needs to be reasonably maintained and maintained according to environmental conditions during use to ensure its long-term use.

Does zinc plated carbon steel rust


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