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Color coated steel plate

Color coated steel plate

Color coated steel plate refers to galvanized steel plate, aluminum plated steel plate, tinned steel plate or cold rolled steel plate coated with colored organic coatings or films. It plays the role of protecting the metal on the one hand and decorative on the other. This kind of steel plate coating can be divided into organic coating, inorganic coating and composite coating, with organic coated steel plate developing the fastest.

Color coated steel plate is a composite metal plate with galvanized steel plate or cold rolled steel plate as the matrix, coated with a variety of protective and decorative coatings after surface treatment, also known as "color organic coated steel plate". The structural layer of color coated steel plate from inside to outside is cold rolled plate, galvanized layer, chemical conversion layer, primary coating (primer), fine coating (front and back paint). This kind of plate surface color novel, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and decorative good, and good processing performance, can be shear, bending, drilling, riveting, curling and so on. Commonly used coatings are divided into inorganic coating, organic coating and composite coating three categories.

The color coated steel plate is mainly used as the wall panel of the external wall of the building. In addition, it can also be used as roof board, corrugated board, waterproof and anti-permeable board, corrosion resistant equipment and components as well as furniture, car shell, water baffle and so on.

(1) Pollution resistance. The color coated steel plate has strong pollution resistance. The ketchup, lipstick, coffee beverage, cooking oil and so on are smeared on the surface of the polyester coating. After 24 hours of placement, the surface luster and color do not change.

(2) high temperature resistance. The color coated steel plate was continuously heated for 90 h in the oven at 120℃, and the gloss and color of the coating had no obvious change.

(3) low temperature resistance. When the color coated steel plate is placed at -54℃ for 24 h, the bending and impact resistance of the coating have no obvious change.

(4) boiling water resistance. After soaking all kinds of coating products in boiling water for 60 min, the surface luster and color did not change, nor did foaming, softening, expansion and other phenomena appear.

According to the different structure, color coated steel can be roughly divided into the following kinds.

(1) Coating steel plate

The coating steel plate is made of galvanized steel plate as the base, which is coated on the front and back sides to ensure its corrosion resistance. The first coat on the front is primer, usually epoxy primer because of its strong adhesion to the metal, and the back is also coated with epoxy or acrylic resin; The second layer (surface layer) used alkyd resin, generally with polyester coatings or acrylic resin coatings.

(2)PVC steel plate

There are two types of PVC steel plate, one is the production of coated paste PVC method, called coated PVC steel plate; The other is to have been formed and printed or embossed PVC film on the steel plate, known as the film PVC steel plate.

PVC layer is thermoplastic, the surface can be hot processing, such as embossing can make the surface texture rich, but it also has flexibility, can be bent and other secondary processing, its corrosion resistance is also better.

The disadvantage of PVC surface layer is that it is easy to age. In order to improve this shortcoming, a new compound PVC steel plate has been produced in PVC surface recomposite acrylic resin.

(3) heat insulation coating steel plate

Thermal insulation coating steel plate is pasted with 15-17mm thick polystyrene foam or rigid polyurethane foam on the back of color coated steel plate, which can be used to improve the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of coated steel plate.

(4) high durability coated steel plate

According to the characteristics of fluorine plastic and acrylic resin aging resistance, the durability and corrosion resistance of steel plate can be improved by using high durability coated steel plate on the surface coating.


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