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Classification of galvanizing

Classification of galvanizing

At present, the domestic classification according to electroplating solution, can be divided into four categories:

1. Galvanizing cyanide

Because (CN) is highly toxic, environmental protection puts forward strict restrictions on the use of cyanide in electrogalvanizing, and constantly promotes the development of reducing cyanide and replacing cyanide electrogalvanizing bath system, requiring the use of low cyanide (slightly cyanide) electroplating bath.

Using this process, the product quality is good, especially color plating, after passivation color maintenance.

2, zincate galvanized

This process is evolved from cyanide galvanizing. At present, there are two factions in China, which are: a) "DPE" series of Wuhan Material Insurance Company; b) The "DE" series of the Radio and Television Institute. Both belong to alkaline additives zincate galvanized, PH value is 12.5~13.

Using this process, the lattice structure of the coating is columnar, good corrosion resistance, suitable for color galvanizing.

Note: After the product out of the slot - > Washing - > Light (nitric acid + hydrochloric acid) -- > Washing - > Passivation -- > Washing - > Washing - > Hot dry - > Drying -- > Aging treatment (80~90℃ in oven.

3. Galvanized chloride

This process is widely used in electroplating industry, accounting for up to 40%. Passivation (blue white) can be zinc chromium (comparable to chrome plating), especially after the addition of water-soluble varnish, layman is difficult to identify is galvanized or chrome plating.

This process is suitable for white passivation (blue white, silver white).

4, sulfate galvanized

This process is suitable for continuous plating (wire, strip, simple, coarse large zero, parts), low cost.


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