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Application of low carbon steel in mainstream radiator

Low carbon steel radiator is what we commonly call steel radiator, steel radiator is divided into steel plate radiator and steel column radiator two kinds. Steel radiator appearance beautiful, optional, stable cooling performance, low carbon energy saving, green environmental protection, by the majority of users trust.

Low carbon steel is carbon content less than 0.25% carbon steel, because of its low strength, low hardness and soft, so it is also called mild steel. It includes most ordinary carbon structural steel and a part of high-quality carbon structural steel, most of which are used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment, and some of which are used for mechanical parts requiring wear resistance after carburizing and other heat treatment.


Low carbon steel radiator appearance beautiful, radiator shape, color, center distance can be customized according to the different needs of users, so by the majority of users like. Steel radiator because it does not have anti-corrosion effect, so many manufacturers of steel radiator internal anti-corrosion treatment. Of course, internal preservative treatment technology is uneven. So in the choice of steel radiator must choose quality assurance manufacturers. Steel radiator using vacuum filling anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion uniform, infinite anti-corrosion, long service life. Adopt imported polyester plastic powder spray plastic. Delicate and uniform, bright color, no special smell, green environmental protection. Stable heat dissipation, low carbon and energy saving.

Low carbon steel radiator due to steel differences can be divided into two kinds: one is sheet type, often accept thickness δ=1.2~1.5mm of carbon high quality cold rolled steel plate, radiator plate type, column type, column airfoil, steel pipe type, flat tube type, decorative type; The other is the pipe base, with water gas pipe as the root of the water element, radiator has steel series, finned pipe, decorative type.


Low carbon steel is generally rolled into Angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, steel pipe, steel belt or steel plate, used to make all kinds of building components, containers, boxes, furnace body and agricultural machinery and tools. High quality low carbon steel rolled into sheet, the production of automobile cab, engine hood and other deep drawing products; Also rolled into bars, used to make mechanical parts with low strength requirements. Low carbon steel is generally not heat treated before use, carbon content of 0.15% or more by carburizing or cyanide treatment, used for requiring high surface temperature, good wear resistance of shaft, shaft sleeve, sprocket and other parts.

Mild steel is limited in use because of its low strength. The strength of steel can be greatly improved by increasing the content of manganese in carbon steel and adding trace alloying elements such as vanadium, titanium and niobium. If the carbon content of steel is reduced and a small amount of aluminum, a small amount of boron and carbide forming elements are added, the ultra-low carbon bainite group can be obtained with high strength and good ductility and toughness.


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