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Carbon steel properties

Carbon steel is a kind of steel with carbon as the main alloying element. It has excellent mechanical properties and processing properties, and is a widely used building material. Now let's introduce the performance of carbon steel.


Carbon steel has high strength, especially in tensile strength and yield strength. This makes it a commonly used building structural material. Under normal circumstances, the strength of carbon steel can be controlled by the composition of the steel, heat treatment and quenching.


Carbon steel hardness is moderate, easy to cut, cold bending, hot bending and welding. There is a certain relationship between the hardness and strength of carbon steel, and the hardness can be controlled by controlling the carbon content to a certain extent. High-hardness carbon steel is often used to make high-strength parts such as tools, blades and bearings.

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of carbon steel is relatively poor, and it is easily affected by oxidation, corrosion and wear. However, through hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, coating and other treatment methods, the corrosion resistance of carbon steel can be improved. In addition, by adding elements such as manganese, chromium and nickel, the corrosion resistance of carbon steel can also be greatly improved.

In general, carbon steel has good mechanical properties and processing properties, and has been widely used in construction, industrial manufacturing and other fields. In practical applications, carbon steel should be selected and treated according to the specific situation to give full play to its advantages.


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