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What is high carbon steel material?

As a commonly used industrial material, high carbon steel is widely used in processing, manufacturing and other fields.

High carbon steel is a commonly used industrial material with high hardness, toughness and wear resistance, but it also has defects that need to be reasonably limited in design and manufacturing. High carbon steel, which is widely used in the field of engineering and manufacturing, is not only a necessary material for modern production and manufacturing, but also the basis and support for building a modern industrial system of a rich and powerful country.

High carbon steel is a steel material with a carbon content of more than 0.60%. It has high hardness, toughness and wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing a variety of high-strength mechanical parts and tools. High carbon steel has better mechanical properties and wear resistance than low and medium carbon steel, but it is also more brittle and prone to stress concentration.

The manufacturing materials of high carbon steel are mainly coal, coke and iron ore, and the original billet is obtained after high temperature refining. Subsequently, after a series of processing processes, such as rolling, forging, quenching and tempering, the final high carbon steel is made.

High carbon steel has good strength and hardness, but the corresponding disadvantages are low toughness, easy to wear, and easy to produce cracks and fractures. Therefore, when using high carbon steel, it is necessary to consider the limitations of its defects in design and manufacturing to give full play to its advantages.

High carbon steel is widely used in engineering and manufacturing, such as cutting knives and blades for the electrical industry, buckets for excavators and heavy construction machinery, shafts, springs, bolts, nuts, gears, bearings for automobiles, trains and aircraft. The advantage of high carbon steel material is that it can get good performance through heat treatment, and because of its high strength, it can make more lightweight and durable parts.


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