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How does galvanized material weld well

How does galvanized material weld well

About welding galvanized parts:

1. galvanized parts how to effectively weld has been troubled by engineering and technical personnel, because the melting point of zinc is about 420 degrees Celsius, volatile temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius, the high temperature arc of ordinary fusion welding is about 3000 to 4000 degrees Celsius, will inevitably promote the evaporation of a large number of zinc, resulting in various welding defects, and destroy the corrosion resistance of the zinc layer.

2. ordinary cold galvanized parts, galvanized layer is relatively thin, you can use ordinary welding or gas welding, welding before the surface of the galvanized layer of galvanized parts to do polishing treatment after welding.

3. If it is not easy to polish but needs to be welded with galvanized layer, it is necessary to use liquid protection welding and use 50 bar 6 steel cord welding. However, the zinc burn loss is serious in this method, and the zinc burn loss can be alleviated by using double-pulse molten inert gas shield welding on Wiodin.

4. If it is thin-walled and the galvanized layer is thicker, use the round rod argon arc welding of WE53.

5. ordinary arc welding galvanized parts will produce a lot of white zinc oxide smoke, will damage physical strength and health. Therefore, when welding galvanized parts, ventilation and dust removal measures must be strengthened, and safety goggles must be worn when necessary.


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