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Is carbon steel food grade


Carbon steel is generally not suitable for making utensils that come into contact with food. This is because the material of carbon steel may contain some chemical substances that are not suitable for contact with food, such as lead, arsenic, etc., which are harmful to human health. In addition, carbon steel itself is easy to rust, oxidation, these oxides may endanger the safety of food, but also affect the adhesion and durability of the appliance. The contact between carbon steel and food may also lead to increased oxidation and deterioration of food.

Although carbon steel has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, it is vulnerable to acid, alkali, salt and other substances in food processing, resulting in metal ions dissolved into food. Therefore, different countries have not yet introduced food grade standards for carbon steel, which cannot prove that carbon steel is a food grade material.

In general, although the mechanical properties of carbon steel are better, to a certain extent suitable for food processing and storage, but from the health point of view is not suitable, it is recommended to choose more hygienic and safe materials in food processing and storage.


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