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How to maintain carbon steel will not rust

In order to prevent carbon steel from rusting, the following measures can be taken:

Keep it dry. Carbon steel is prone to oxidation and rust in humid environments, so its surface should be kept dry to avoid contact with moisture and oxygen in the air.

Coating protection. Carbon steel can be protected by applying a layer of anti-rust oil or other coating, such as the use of vegetable oil, cooking oil, oil, etc., or the use of anti-rust agents, paints, graphite, galvanized, etc., these coatings can prevent oxygen and water vapor from invading the surface of carbon steel. 1235678

Regular maintenance. Clean and maintain carbon steel tools and utensils regularly, wash and dry them promptly after use, and then apply anti-rust oil or other coatings to extend their service life.

Avoid acids. Carbon steel is easily corroded by acidic substances, so in the use of carbon steel utensils, juice, acidic drinks and other acidic substances should be avoided, if accidentally used acidic substances, should be cleaned in time and coated with anti-rust oil. 

carbon steel

Store after use. After using carbon steel tools or utensils, they should be wiped clean and stored in a dry, ventilated place to avoid moisture and acid.

Surface treatment. The surface of carbon steel can be treated by pickling, sandblasting, electroplating and other methods to form a protective film and improve its anti-corrosion ability.

Alloying. Alloying carbon steel with other metals, such as galvanized, chromium-plated, nickel-based alloys, etc., can reduce the corrosion of carbon steel and extend its service life.

Other methods. Regular cleaning, painting and spraying, reducing the contact time between carbon steel and wet environment, etc., can also reduce the probability of carbon steel rust.

In short, to keep the surface of carbon steel dry, coated with anti-rust oil, regular maintenance, avoid acidic substances, timely storage after use, and take appropriate surface treatment and alloying measures, in order to make carbon steel does not rust and extend the service life


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