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What is the difference between carbon steel and steel plate?

(1) Low hardenability: under normal circumstances, the maximum diameter of water quenching of carbon steel is usually only 10 mm to 20 mm. This means that when carbon steel is water quenched, the hardness and strength distribution within it is uneven, resulting in the performance of the entire material being affected.

(2) Low strength and yield: Taking ordinary carbon steel Q235 as an example, its yield strength σs is 235 mpa, while the yield strength σs of steel plate 16Mn is as high as 360 mpa or more. In addition, the ratio of yield strength to tensile strength of 40 steel is only 0.43, which is much lower than that of alloy steel. This shows that when carbon steel is subjected to external forces, its strength and toughness are relatively low, and it is easy to deformation or fracture.

(3) Poor tempering stability: due to the poor tempering stability of carbon steel, in the tempering treatment, in order to ensure higher strength, it is necessary to use a lower tempering temperature. However, doing so will result in a reduction in the toughness of the steel. In order to improve toughness, a higher tempering temperature is needed, but this will lead to a reduction in strength. Therefore, the comprehensive mechanical properties of carbon steel are not high.

(4) Can not meet the requirements of special properties: carbon steel in oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and special electromagnetism and other aspects of the performance is often poor, can not meet the needs of special use performance. This makes the application of carbon steel in some special environments limited, the need to find other materials with higher properties to replace.


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