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Why do stainless steel Angle steel leave so many air holes?

For stainless steel Angle steel with a lot of air holes, there may be the following reasons:

1. The characteristics of stainless steel material itself: stainless steel has high thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity, and the internal gas or water will be rapidly evaporated into a gas when heated. These gases are trapped inside the material during processing, forming pores.

2. Metallurgical treatment: In the production process of stainless steel, metallurgical treatment may be carried out, such as melting, casting, etc. In these processes, if the metallurgical treatment is improper, it will lead to the presence of gas or inclusions inside the stainless steel, and then the formation of pores.

3. Operation problems in the processing process: in the manufacturing process of the Angle steel, the operator may have problems such as unskilled processing technology and imperfect equipment and facilities, resulting in the residual gas inside the stainless steel Angle steel material can not be smoothly discharged, forming pores.


To solve this problem, consider the following measures:

1. Optimize the production process: Optimize the metallurgical treatment process to ensure that the gas content inside the stainless steel material is low, and reduce the evaporation of gas during the stainless steel processing.

2. Improve operation technology: improve the technical level and operation specifications of the operator to ensure the use of appropriate equipment and tools in the processing process to avoid the formation of pores caused by improper operation.

3. Control the processing environment: During the processing process, control the humidity and temperature of the processing environment, reduce the generation and residue of gas, and minimize the occurrence of pores.

In short, reducing the formation of internal pores in stainless steel Angle steel materials requires comprehensive consideration of many aspects of metallurgical treatment, operating technology and processing environment to improve product quality and performance.


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