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What is floor steel?

"Floor steel" has two concepts. One is the original concept or narrow concept, that is, the iron and steel industry for small iron and steel enterprises using casting process production, the length of about one meter two strip steel billet visualization commonly known as. The other is the sector concept or the broad concept, refers to "scrap steel as raw material, through induction furnace melting, such as, can not effectively control the composition and quality of the production of steel and rolled steel as raw material."

Characteristics and hazards of floor steel

The diameter and tensile strength of floor steel products are difficult to meet the national standards. Most of the products are brittle, and there are serious hidden dangers in quality.

Floor steel is made by melting scrap steel in an intermediate frequency furnace and then pouring it into a simple cast iron mold for cooling. In the meantime, neither any analysis, nor temperature and other quality control, with this method out of steel, more than 90% belong to unqualified products.

The appearance of the finished floor steel is not significantly different from that of ordinary steel, but the quality is not guaranteed. It will be deformed even if it is pulled by hand, and it can be broken into several pieces if it falls from a height of more than 1 meter.

Because the production of floor steel needs to consume a large amount of electricity, therefore, the most simple, the most economic, the most effective measure to crack down on the production, sales of "floor steel" illegal behavior, is to cut off the existence of backward production process equipment "production of floor steel or open ingot frequency furnace" enterprise power supply. Such a preventive, root - breaking measures.

Discrimination technique

With scrap steel as raw material, through induction furnace melting, in production can not effectively control the composition and quality of steel and rolled steel as raw material called "floor steel". According to this interpretation, floor bar steel is made of scrap steel as raw material, using the production process of induction furnace melting, especially in the production process can not effectively control the composition and quality of the product are defined as floor steel. In particular, the key to the quality of floor bar steel is that composition and quality control cannot be effectively carried out in production. According to this explanation, we should grasp the scale of work, and at the same time, we should also analyze the actual situation, so as to avoid the occurrence of wrong judgment.

Chinese steel market continues to improve, the price of steel continues to climb, so that illegal producers in the sight of rich profits at the same time to take risks, so small steel rolling, small steel revival. As we stepped up enforcement efforts, they found ways to evade inspection, making our enforcement work more difficult than ever


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