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What is SUS304 stainless steel?

What is SUS304 stainless steel

SUS304 is a stainless steel containing about 70% nickel, 15.5% chromium and other elements. It has excellent high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in aerospace, nuclear industry, oil and gas industry and other fields.

The density directly affects the weight and volume of SUS304. For the manufacture of some devices and parts requiring strict density, the error of density will also affect the performance of products. SUS304 shows different corrosion forms in different corrosive media, common corrosion is SUS304 at room temperature, atmospheric pressure under a form of corrosion.

The chemical composition of SUS304 is: Chromium (Cr) : 22.0-23.0%, nickel (Ni) : 4.5-6.5%, molybdenum (Mo) : 3.0-3.5%, manganese (Mn) : 2.0% Max, iron (Fe) : residual. Tempering can reduce the brittleness of SUS304 caused by quenching, reduce the residual stress, and make the hardness and strength of SUS304 moderate decline.

Carbon is an important alloying element in SUS304, which has great influence on the performance of SUS304. Quenching is to quickly immerse the heated SUS304 in water or oil, so that it is cooled quickly, in order to obtain higher hardness and strength.

SUS304 dimensional accuracy control and improvement are also constantly updated and developed. In the future SUS304 design and manufacturing, need to pay more attention to the impact of organizational structure, and explore new organizational structure control technology, in order to meet the growing material demand and application requirements.


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