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Stainless steel cleaning tips

The protection of stainless steel actually refers to their daily health situation, simply put is to do a good job of cleaning stainless steel, the vast majority of people will think that the cleaning of stainless steel is very simple, but carefully observe the stainless steel objects after cleaning and bought when there is actually a big difference, these are because we did not clean caused by, then how should we clean Washing stainless steel. Let's take a look at how people clean stainless steel?

Stainless steel cleaning step 1:

For anything we will first remove most of the stains when cleaning, the commonly used methods are washing or wiping, and the stainless steel we are going to talk about today is to choose the method of wiping most of the dust on the surface of stainless steel, so that the overall stainless steel looks relatively clean.

Stainless steel cleaning step two:

Most of the stainless steel POTS in our home are washed, but because of this, the stainless steel POTS in our home will always leave some traces after the water stain is dried, it can be seen that stainless steel is not suitable for washing with water, so not only clean stainless steel, but also damage the gloss of stainless steel in the long run. So how should our stainless steel be washed?

Stainless steel cleaning step three:

The best tool to clean stainless steel is cloth and stainless steel oil, after the first step of operation, we will pour stainless steel oil on the cloth (note: stainless steel oil can not use too much oh, otherwise it will leave traces), and then wipe back and forth on the stainless steel items until all the stains are removed.

Stainless steel cleaning step four:

After this step is completed, we can take a clean rag, and then continue to wipe back and forth on the stainless steel items (note: no more stainless steel oil), until the stainless steel oil is wiped clean and the stainless steel items become bright, which is basically the completion of the entire cleaning work, if there is still a hair phenomenon, you should immediately repeat the above steps, know Just wipe it off.


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