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How to prolong the service life of galvanized square tube

Galvanized square tube reacts with metal and iron matrix to form an alloy layer, which binds the substrate to the coating. Hot dip galvanizing is to stop pickling steel pipes. In order to remove the iron oxide on the surface of the steel pipe, Shandong galvanized square pipe is cleaned after pickling, and then cleaned with a mixed aqueous solution tank. Then send it to the hot dip galvanizing tank. Hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of average coating, strong adhesion and long service life.

Mainly based on its shape. Because its cross section is square or rectangular, it is called a rectangular tube. The electroplating process of Tianjin galvanized square tube processing mainly includes pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating process. The quality of the coating depends on the electroplating process of the material, and the electroplating process is affected by many factors.

The higher the zinc purity of the zinc block, the narrower the brightness range, the easier it is to obtain thicker coating, coating iron content will be lower; When the purity of the zinc block is too low, its brightness range will be wider, and it will take longer to reach the specified zinc layer thickness, which will lead to a higher iron content in the galvanized layer.

Too high temperature in the plating process will lead to a decrease in the dispersion of solution, an increase in iron content in the plating, and uneven passivation. However, when the reaction temperature is too low, the high current density area is easy to scorch, and the coating is brittle and the deposition rate is slow.

Eight suggestions for extending the service life of galvanized square rectangular pipe

If we want to prolong the service life of galvanized square rectangular pipe, we can start from the following eight aspects:

(1) In the use of galvanized square pipe, you can first do some anti-corrosion treatment of the pipe.

(2) Do not weld and pull casually on the pipe, which is easy to cause damage and defects.

(3) in the purchase of galvanized square pipe, we must pay attention to whether the pipe is intact, whether the quality meets the national standard, and whether the actual requirements are consistent.

(4) Surface dirt easy to cause rust, can be used on the market common antirust cream remove surface dirt or rust, and then clean with water or weak alkaline soap water can be clean.

(5) do not overload when using, which will greatly shorten the service life of galvanized square rectangular pipe.

(6) When cleaning the surface of the pipe, attention must be paid to the surface scratch phenomenon, avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive detergent, steel wire balls, grinding tools, etc., in order to remove the washing liquid, wash the surface with clean water at the end of washing.

(7) galvanized square tube surface if there is dust and easy to get rid of dirt, available water or soap weak detergent to wash. If there is grease, wipe it off with a soft cloth and wash it with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent.

(8) In the transportation process of galvanized square rectangular pipe, some materials can be used for protection. Choose good quality packaging materials and foam, etc., can play a good protective effect, reduce the damage caused by turbulence in the process of transportation.


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