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How to choose stainless steel for food?

In daily life, stainless steel thermos cups, stainless steel POTS, stainless steel kitchen knives and other food stainless steel products will be used in almost every household. However, some time ago, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau sampled the production and sale of stainless steel products for food in the city, and the inspection results showed that 10 batches of products were unqualified. So, what problems should consumers pay attention to when buying stainless steel products for food?

Food grade stainless steel refers to the part of food machinery in contact with food, which must meet the requirements of a certain food safety. Because the food production process to use a lot of acid and base, and stainless steel contains chromium, unqualified stainless steel, will dissolve various prices of chromium, toxic; It is also required to limit the content of various alloy impurity elements such as lead and cadmium.

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First, how to scientifically buy stainless steel products for food contact?

According to the rust prevention principle of stainless steel, the higher the chromium content of stainless steel, in theory, the better its corrosion resistance, the lower the metal dissolution. However, there are also cases of corrosion and heavy metal migration of stainless steel products with high chromium content due to the uncontrolled production process of enterprises.

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing stainless steel products for food contact:

(1) It is recommended to buy stainless steel products for food contact through regular sales channels such as large shopping malls or supermarkets, and pay attention to whether the product label or packaging is marked with "food contact" and the type of stainless steel.

(2) The purchase of well-known brand goods with better reputation, and the elimination of stall goods and unlicensed goods

(3) Observe whether the appearance of the product is smooth, whether the thickness of the product is appropriate, etc., usually the superior food contact stainless steel products will be significantly different from the inferior products in process and weight.

Second, how to correctly use stainless steel products for food contact?

Food contact with stainless steel products is not anything can be loaded oh, should pay attention to when using:

(1) Do not use stainless steel tableware for a long time to hold acidic or alkaline food. Stainless steel is not really rust, if a long time containing acidic or alkaline food, it is easy to destroy the surface passivation film, so that the chromium, nickel and other metal elements in stainless steel dissolve out.

(2) Do not use stainless steel utensils to fry or hold Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine may contain alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, especially under heating conditions, often may react with it to make the drug ineffective, and may even produce toxic substances.

(3) Do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals to wash stainless steel products for food contact. Do not use sharp tools to scrape, while scratching with hard objects is easy to produce scratches, affecting the appearance.


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