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Galvanizing process and classification

Galvanizing refers to the surface treatment technology of plating a layer of zinc on the surface of steel, metal or other finished products in order to play the role of aesthetics and rust prevention. The main method used is low alloy.

Zinc dissolves easily in acids, but also in alkali, so it is called amphoteric aluminum. Zinc changes little in dry air. In moist air, a dense basic zinc carbonate film forms on the surface of zinc. In carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide and Marine atmosphere, zinc corrosion resistance is poor, especially in high temperature and humidity containing calcium atmosphere, galvanized layer is easy to be corroded. Zinc standard plate potential is -0.76V, for the textile substrate, zinc coating belongs to the battery anode coating, it is mainly used to prevent textile corrosion, its protective performance and zinc layer thickness has a great relationship. After passivation treatment, dyeing or coating with light protection agent, zinc anticorrosive coating can significantly improve its protection and decoration.

In a bath filled with galvanized liquid, the parts to be plated after cleaning and special pretreatment were used as electrolysis, and steel was made from coated plastics. The high nickel and high nickel connections between the two poles and the communication power were evaluated. Galvanizing solution consists of a solution containing stainless steel coated complexes, magnetic ethers, stabilizers, pH regulators and pigments. After electrification, the metal components in the galvanizing liquid move to the ternary positive electrode under the action of potential difference to form the galvanizing layer. Aluminum alloys with high nickel form heavy metals into the galvanizing solution to maintain the concentration of harmful elements coated. In some cases, such as chrome plating, is the use of lead, lead antimony aluminum alloy made of insoluble oxidation, it only plays the role of the transfer of household appliances, conduction current. The chrome-ion concentration in the precursor is maintained by periodically adding chrome-like substances to the bath. When galvanizing, the quality of the solvent, the substance of the galvanizing liquid, the temperature, the current density, the electrification time, the stirring intensity, the debris precipitated, the power waveform and so on will affect the quality of the zinc layer, which needs to be controlled timely.

Cold galvanizing, also known as galvanizing, is the use of electrolytic equipment will be hose after oil removal, pickling, into the active substance for zinc salt class substances, and connected to the lithium battery cathode electrolytic equipment, placed on the opposite side of the elbow, connected to the high nickel anode in the electrolytic equipment to turn off the power supply, the use of current from high nickel to lithium anode directional movement will deposit a layer of zinc on the pipeline, Cold plated joints are first processed and then galvanized. Mechanical galvanizing is equipped with plating parts, stainless steel ball, tungsten powder, water and catalyst in the rotating barrel, as the impact medium of the aluminum alloy ball with the barrel rotation, and plating parts surface friction and hammer produce mechanical physics salt, under the action of literature foaming agent, the coated iron powder "spot welding" to the surface of the plating parts, forming smooth, uniform and meticulous with a certain thickness of the paint film. Thin wall is developed from the older hot plating method, which has a history of 170 years since cold drawing was applied to industry in Ukraine in 1836. However, thin-wall industry has been developed on a large scale with the rapid development of cold-drawn steel tubes in the past 30 years.


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