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Galvanized steel sheet metal

Galvanized steel refers to the ordinary carbon construction steel through galvanized processing can effectively prevent steel corrosion and rust to extend the service life of steel, including galvanized galvanized and hot dip galvanized.

Generally used in building external walls, such as glass curtain wall, marble curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall to do columns and stress materials, or for outdoor telecommunications towers, highways and other open-air building steel called galvanized steel, which galvanized galvanized and hot-dip galvanized.

Select and strictly control welding process parameters. The evaluation of spot welding quality of galvanized steel sheet refers to the strength of a single solder joint, the level of corrosion resistance, and more importantly, the pass rate of the solder joint under large production conditions. There are many factors affecting welding quality in actual production, such as fluctuations in network voltage, shunt, electrode wear, and assembly quality. Because the range of welding parameters of galvanized steel plate is small, it needs to be strictly controlled, and it also needs to be adjusted when the plate thickness changes. The use of reasonable electrode materials, electrode shape and size, and timely dressing or replacement of electrodes, electrode cooling is very important to ensure the quality of welding. Using multi-pulse or *+,-. Current method to weld galvanized steel. One is to increase the preheating and post-heating current, and the other is to increase the slow rising and slow falling current. LANE et al. studied the effect of changing current by photographing the formation process of welding core with high-speed photography, and concluded that:

1) The change of current can promote the formation of welding core;

2) The change of current before welding contributes to the uniform formation of welding core; !" The change of current after welding is helpful to restrain the molten core and prevent splashing.

3) The simultaneous use of post-welding and pre-welding currents can combine the advantages of both. This current change has been used in the welding production of galvanized steel plates.


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