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Galvanized sheet has flowers and no flowers difference?

1. there are flowers galvanized sheet

There are obvious patterns on the surface, usually due to the CAM of the roller press in the production process. The surface of the galvanized sheet is rough, but it has better corrosion resistance.

2. no galvanized sheet

There is no obvious pattern on the surface, and it is usually produced by the flat roller of the roller press. The surface of the unembossed galvanized sheet is smooth, but the corrosion resistance is slightly worse than that of the embossed galvanized sheet.

In general, the difference between embossed galvanized sheet and unembossed galvanized sheet is mainly that the surface texture and appearance are different, and the corrosion resistance is different. When choosing galvanized sheet, it is necessary to choose according to the specific use environment and requirements to meet different needs.


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