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30304 Stainless steel: Excellent performance and global standards

30304 stainless steel is an excellent stainless steel material, its unique chemical composition and multi-purpose properties make it popular around the world. Let's delve into its chemical composition, properties, international equivalents and a wide range of applications.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of 30304 stainless steel is crucial to its performance. The following are the contents of the main elements:

Carbon (C) : not more than 0.8%

Silicon (Si) : not more than 1.00%

Manganese (Mn) : not more than 2.00%

Phosphorus (P) : not more than 0.045%

Sulfur (S) : not more than 0.030%

Chromium (Cr) : 18.00% to 20.00%

Nickel (Ni) : 8.00% to 11.00%

Molybdenum (Mo) : not specified

Nitrogen (N) : Not specified

Copper (Cu) : Not specified

Other elements: Not specified

These carefully controlled element contents give 30304 stainless steel its exceptional performance and versatility. The chemical composition of this alloy gives it excellent corrosion resistance and strength in many industrial applications.

Performance characteristics

30304 stainless steel is known for the following properties:

Excellent corrosion resistance: It has excellent corrosion resistance to oxidizing acids and is suitable for a variety of corrosive media, including acids, bases and organic acids. This makes it ideal for manufacturing chemical equipment, food processing equipment, and other industries that require corrosion resistance.

Cold working performance: 30304 stainless steel has outstanding cold working and stamping performance, suitable for the manufacture of various complex parts. This makes it widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction.

Low temperature performance: under low temperature conditions, 30304 stainless steel shows good strength, elongation and section shrinkage, suitable for the manufacture of low temperature equipment and components. This gives it an important position in the liquefied natural gas industry and refrigeration equipment industry.

High temperature oxidation resistance: can withstand repeated heating at high temperatures, showing excellent oxidation resistance. This makes it very widely used in high temperature environments such as stoves, ovens and barbecues.

International corresponding brand

30304 stainless steel has corresponding grades in many countries and regions around the world. Here are some common corresponding brands:

National standard GB-T standard: S30408, new brand: 06Cr19Ni10, old brand: 0Cr18Ni9

Us standard: ASTMA standard: S30400, SAE standard: 30304, UNS standard: 304

JIS standard: sus304

German standard DIN standard: 1.43015

European standard EN standard: X5CrNi18-10

Standard NF standard: z6cn18-09

British BS standard: 304S15

Sweden: 23,322,333

NTR standard: AISR

These international standards make 30304 stainless steel universal in the international market, facilitating global trade and engineering applications. The corresponding grades in different countries and regions make it easier for consumers to identify and use this material.


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