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Do you know the five factors affecting the rust rate of carbon steel?

1. The composition of steel has a great influence on its rust resistance. In general, the higher the carbon content of steel, the stronger its rust resistance. This is because carbon is an element capable of forming a stable oxide film that prevents the steel from coming into further contact with oxygen and moisture, thereby reducing the likelihood of rust. In contrast, steel with a lower carbon content is more prone to rust because of its weaker antioxidant capacity.

2. The surface treatment of steel will also affect its rust resistance. If the steel is polished or coated, then it will not be in direct contact with the air, so the speed of rust will be relatively slow. However, if the surface of the steel is rough, then it is easier to absorb water and oxygen, thus accelerating the rust process.

carbon steel

3. The use of steel environment is also an important factor affecting its rust resistance. In a humid environment, or in places containing corrosive gases, the corrosion rate of steel will be accelerated. This is because these environments increase the steel's exposure to water and oxygen. On the contrary, in a dry environment, the corrosion rate of steel will be slower. In addition, the humidity in seaside areas is usually higher than in inland areas, so the corrosion rate of steel in seaside areas will be faster than in inland areas.

4. The use of steel will also affect its rust resistance. If the steel is cleaned and maintained frequently, it will rust less. This is because cleaning and maintenance can remove moisture and dirt from the surface of the steel, thus reducing the chance of rust. On the contrary, if the steel is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, the degree of rust will be aggravated.

5. The design structure of steel also affects its rust resistance. If the steel has a sealed structure, it can reduce the contact between the steel and the external environment, thereby reducing the chance of oxidation, and the speed of rust will be relatively slow. Generally speaking, in a dry air environment, ordinary carbon steel will have a slight rust phenomenon within 1-2 years; There will be obvious rust in 3-5 years. In a humid, salty environment, rust may begin within six months. In order to delay the corrosion process of carbon steel, we need to regularly clean and oil, and at the same time, we should also do a good job in the design of moisture and drainage treatment.


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