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Basic knowledge of precoated coil coatings

I. Definition of precoated coil

Organic material/metal composite sheets sold in rolls or sheets after coating rolls of sheet metal also become organic coated steel sheets, pre-coated steel sheets, color coated steel sheets, etc. Customers can be directly processed, without painting process. The coatings used on the surface of such materials are called precoated coil coatings.

Ii. Type and application range of precoated coil

The base material plate mainly includes cold rolled steel plate, electric galvanized steel plate, hot galvanized steel plate, alloyed hot galvanized steel plate, hot galvanized aluminum steel plate, hot plated aluminum zinc steel plate, hot plated aluminum steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc. Boldface is the most commonly used, and now aluminum plates are becoming popular. Generally used for outdoor is hot dip galvanized steel plate; For indoor decoration mainly (home appliances, ceiling) are cold rolled steel plate and electric galvanized steel plate.

Three, the classification of precoil coating

1, according to the coating: A, primer - to provide corrosion resistance and adhesion to the substrate, paint film, etc. B, back paint - provide cover, decorative, scratch resistance, etc. C, front paint - decorative, weather resistance, etc. The front coating is generally coated with a primer and a front paint, and the back coating is generally only coated with a back paint.

Generally speaking, customers will use matte front paint matte powder, back paint does not necessarily use matte powder, primer does not use matte powder.

Since matting powder is rarely used for primer and back paint, the following are discussed in terms of top paint.

2. Top paint is classified according to resin system

A, polyester topcoat - the largest number of products on the market, mostly used in common buildings and home appliances color board.

B, acrylic topcoat - poor processing, generally used for processing requirements are not high surface (such as low-grade roll aluminum products).

C, fluorocarbon topcoat - high weatherability requirements for external architectural color board, can be self-cleaning topcoat.

D, silicone top paint - special purpose color plate, self-cleaning products.

Coil steel products and coil aluminum products formula structure and resin type is not significantly different (in fact, and baking paint is also very close, are cured by amino resin), the requirements of the matting powder mainly depends on their end customers in the field, before our view of aluminum with fine particle size products, coil steel with coarse particle size products concept is not completely correct.

At present, most of our matting powder products are used by customers in the first type of finish products (polyester finish). Generally speaking, the additive amount is relatively small, the reference additive amount is 1%-4%. Generally, white products are easier to matting, while black products are more difficult to matting. Marine blue, silver gray, iron red and other colors are in the middle of these two products. Normally, the test should be done on both black and white. However, there is no difference in the dispersion and extinction trend of our matting powder in different colors, and the blackness and whiteness are slightly different.


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