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Applications of stainless steel

In the field of construction applications, the surface processing of stainless steel is important for many reasons. Corrosion environments require smooth surfaces because smooth surfaces are less prone to fouling. The deposition of dirt will cause rust and even corrosion of stainless steel.

In the spacious hall, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for elevator decorative panels. Although the handprints on the surface can be erased, they affect the appearance, so xxx chooses a suitable surface to prevent handprints from being left.

Sanitary conditions are important for many industries, such as food processing, catering, brewing and chemicals, where surfaces must be easy to clean daily and often with chemical cleaning agents.

Stainless steel is the best material in this regard, in public places, the surface of stainless steel is often painted, but an important feature of it is that they can be cleaned off, which is a significant feature of stainless steel over aluminum. The surface of aluminum is prone to leaving marks and is often difficult to remove. When cleaning the surface of stainless steel, it should be cleaned along the lines of stainless steel, because some surface processing lines are unidirectional.

Stainless steel is most suitable for hospitals or other areas where sanitary conditions are critical, such as: food processing, catering, brewing and chemical industry, not only because it is easy to clean every day, sometimes using chemical cleaning agents, but also because it is not easy to breed bacteria. The test shows that the performance in this respect is the same as that of glass and ceramics.


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