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Will galvanized square pipe rust, need to brush anti-rust paint?

For some small products used in daily life, many people may not know very well, galvanized square pipe is one of them, and the amount is very wide, for such products in use, people are very curious, galvanized square pipe will rust is one of the problems, in addition to galvanized steel pipe need to brush anti-rust paint, I also want to understand.

Can galvanized square pipe rust?

One, no. On the one hand, galvanized square pipe has galvanized layer, so it is better than ordinary welded square pipe, but also has good strength, toughness, and other technological performance, its surface has gloss, making the use of more widely, including glass curtain wall, power tower, wire sleeve, bridge, water and gas transmission, locomotive frame and so on, generally speaking, galvanized square pipe service life depends on the application field

Two, as for hot dip galvanized square pipe will rust, it will rust, even stainless steel will rust, it is only a matter of time, this and the installation environment is also related, such as wet environment, long time rain, slowly galvanized square pipe will appear oxidation, spots, to corrosion rust, if you want to have a long service life, keep dry, try to choose indoor construction, In this case, the service life is probably 5-8 years or more (but not including some of the inferior products on the market).

Does galvanized steel pipe need to be brushed with anti-rust paint?

1. After galvanized steel pipe, the surface is covered with a layer of zinc coating, so that the steel pipe is separated from the atmosphere, to avoid the direct contact and corrosion of the atmosphere on the steel pipe, which is protected. The coating of zinc on the surface of the steel pipe will form a thin and dense layer of zinc carbonate in the air at room temperature due to the strong chemical activity of zinc, which will protect zinc itself from being oxidized.

2, so galvanized pipe, whether the surface zinc or steel pipe itself has been protected, will not rust, do not need to brush anti-rust paint. Only when the galvanized layer is damaged, (such as steel pipe welding, joint coating burned), steel pipe exposed in the air, lost the protection of the galvanized layer, at this time only need to brush anti-rust paint.

3, galvanized steel pipe galvanized layer has anti-rust function, and the general installation method is connected with thread, usually do not brush anti-rust paint, unless the use of unconventional process connection, such as welding, you need to brush the damaged galvanized layer of that part of the anti-rust paint.

4, it depends on how you galvanized plating method, if you only plated the welding mouth there, then you all have to brush paint if it is inside and outside galvanized, then you can not.

The above to introduce to you is galvanized square pipe rust, the above itself has been galvanized, so it can play a very good protective effect, mainly more normal use and maintenance, under normal circumstances will not rust, in addition to the galvanized steel pipe need to brush anti-rust paint, it has the role of anti-rust, so people do not need to brush anti-rust paint.


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