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What matters should be paid attention to in the surface treatment of steel grid plate

We know that spray painted steel grid plate is also very widely used at present, usually in the steel grid spray painting treatment before what are the things to pay attention to, this article focuses on the relevant knowledge and precautions of spray painted steel grid plate. Spray painting as a surface treatment method of steel grid plate, has a certain anti-corrosion function, then, steel grid plate in the surface spray painting treatment should pay attention to what can ensure that the paint steel grid plate longer service life. First of all, the following work must be done before painting:

1. the choice of paint steel grid plate;

2. check the performance of the coating;

3. fully stir the paint;

4. adjust the viscosity of the coating;

5. paint purification and filtration;

6. paint color adjustment;

Then, spraying should be according to the spray steel plate to choose the appropriate paint and the appropriate viscosity, according to the type of paint, air pressure, the size of the nozzle and the spray surface to be determined.

1. Nozzle diameter is 0.5mm-0.8mm;

2. the air pressure of the supply gun is generally 0.3-0.6MPa;

3. For example, 20-30cm is appropriate for the spray surface of the nozzle and steel grid plate;

4. the direction of the paint flow should be perpendicular to the surface of the steel plate as far as possible;

5. When operating, the edge of each spraying strip should be overlapped on the edge of the strip that has been sprayed before (overlapping 1/3 is good), and the motion speed of the spray gun should be kept uniform, not fast and slow.

When our technical personnel can strictly follow the above steps to do the painting of the steel grid plate, then we can ensure the service life of the product to a greater extent, but also to ensure the appearance of the product.

Trivia: spray painted steel grid plate

1. paint steel grid overview:

It refers to the surface using spray paint such anti-corrosion treatment of steel grid.

2. spray painted steel grid plate main models:

G255/30/100, G325/30/100, 30/100 G505 / etc.

3. spray painted steel grid advantages:

Compared with hot-dip galvanized steel grid plate and stainless steel grid plate, it has the significant characteristics of low cost; In addition, in view of the spray paint steel grid can be sprayed into the surface of black, white, red, gray and other colors, so with the surrounding color is very contrast, it looks better than other steel grid.

4. paint steel grid shortcomings:

Its anticorrosive layer is easy to fall off, its anticorrosive effect is far less than hot-dip galvanized steel grid, spray painted steel grid life is far less than hot-dip galvanized steel grid and stainless steel grid.

5. spray paint steel plate use:

Mainly suitable for indoor or dry environment to walk to the platform or ceiling platform.


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