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What are the characteristics and functions of hot-dip galvanized flat steel?

The market price of hot-dip galvanized flat steel has always been a concern. Recently, the price of steel has fluctuated. Your hotline is standard. So what are the characteristics and uses of hot-dip galvanized flat steel?

1. Hot dip galvanized flat steel is characterized by: high toughness, light structure: the arc welding structure of stable mesh format, so that it has the advantages of high load-bearing, light structure, easy to lift and so on. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, strong and durable.

2. The main uses of hot-dip galvanized flat steel: widely used in petrochemical equipment, power plants, waterworks, sewage treatment stations, municipal road projects, environmental sanitation projects, ladders, guardrail, guardrail and so on

3. Examples of hot-dip galvanized flat steel:

(1) Hot dip galvanized flat steel, hot dip galvanized steel grid is made of flat steel with a width of 65 mm - 200mm and a thickness of 5 mm - 20 mm, which is a light hot dip galvanized steel grid. It is suitable for large and medium-sized freight stations, ports, coal mine Bridges, etc., and can withstand heavy truck traffic.

(2) Hot dip galvanized steel grid plate with flat steel spacing of 40mm is a light variety. It is an ideal choice for relatively small occasions.

(3) The hot-dip galvanized steel grid adopts galvanized flat steel flat steel spacing of 60 mm, and the diagonal brace is 50 mm, which is suitable for mining, mining and other industries to overcome the difficulties of mineral surface falling, and is often used by mining factories.

Galvanized flat steel is produced by advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology. The surface of the product is bright, no sand holes, no scars, the zinc layer is balanced, the adhesion is strong, the material meets the national industry standards, and has a certain level of corrosion resistance. Applicable to all fields. Therefore, the price of hot-dip galvanized flat steel is slightly more expensive than ordinary black flat steel.

Under normal circumstances, the galvanized anti-corrosion thickness of galvanized flat steel can be maintained for 50 years or more without repair. In urban areas or coastal areas, the hot-dip galvanizing anticorrosive coating can be used for 20 years without repair. The coating of galvanized flat steel is metallurgically bonded to the material and becomes part of the steel surface, so the continuity of the coating on hot-dip galvanized flat steel is more reliable. The coating toughness is good, and the coating forms a special metallurgical industrial structure. The processing technology of hot-dip galvanized flat steel can withstand the mechanical damage suffered during transportation and use.


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