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Is carbon steel non toxica?

Carbon steel is a commonly used material, but many people will worry about its impact on their own, then carbon steel is harmful to the body is toxic.

Is carbon steel harmful to the body

Carbon steel is harmless to the body and does not produce toxic substances. Carbon steel is a relatively stable material, which is not easy to decompose, even if it is decomposed, the resulting components are only carbon, steel, etc., which will not cause harm to the human body. In addition, the surface of carbon steel can be painted or painted to prevent rust.

Second, how to maintain carbon steel products

1. in daily life, to do good habits. If the weather is good, you can open the window to maintain the circulation of indoor and outdoor air, which is a good help for the physical and mental health of the household personnel, and can effectively reduce the indoor moisture to ensure normal home.

2. if the carbon steel products have been used for a long time, and the surface is contaminated with more dust, it is possible to use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface, and then use an absorbent towel to thoroughly dispose of the dust.

3. when cleaning the stains on the surface of carbon steel products, try not to use corrosive or alkaline solvents to clean, so as not to react with carbon steel products and cause damage.

4. under normal circumstances, the carbon steel products can be properly cleaned, not long-term use of shower gel or other detergents cleaning, otherwise on the surface will produce chromium plating layer, resulting in a reduction in the gloss of carbon steel products.

5. you need to clean carbon steel products once a week, if you encounter stains that are difficult to clean, then you can configure liquid detergent with warm water, and then wipe on the surface of the stain, wipe several times, you can clean it up.

Is carbon steel harmful to the body toxic, and how to maintain carbon steel products, first introduced here, you understand it. Carbon steel products are not a threat to individuals, so do not worry too much, but pay attention to daily maintenance work, so as not to cause damage to carbon steel products, affect the normal use of the later oh.


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