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Strength and application of cold rolled 45 steel

45 steel is widely used in machinery. It has excellent mechanical properties. But <s:1> this is a medium carbon steel which does not have a good quenching performance <s:1> 45 steel can be hardened to HRC 42~46. The maximum hardness of No. 45 steel without tempering is HRC 55. After quenching and tempering treatment parts have better total mechanical properties <s:2> widely used in a variety of important structural parts, but the surface hardness is low and not wear-resistant, but can be used to improve the surface hardness of parts by quenching and tempering. After carburizing 45 steel, hard and brittle martensite <s:2> appears in the core after quenching, losing the advantages of carburizing.

YT15 HRA≥91 11.10 to 11.50 ≥1350. Good wear resistance has a certain impact toughness suitable for continuous cutting of carbon steel and alloy steel rough turning rough milling and intermittent cutting semi-fine turning and fine turning. YT14 HRA≥90.5 11.20~11.50 ≥1400 The use of high strength, impact resistance, good shock resistance suitable for carbon steel and alloy steel continuous cutting rough milling machine when intermittent cutting semi-precision car

Recommended heat treatment temperature: normalizing 850, quenching 840, tempering 600.45 steel for high quality carbon structure steel, hardness is not high and easy to cut, mold is often used to make templates, tips, guide posts, etc., but must be heat treatment. 1. No. 45 steel shall be qualified if its hardness is greater than HRC55 (up to HRC62) after quenching and before tempering. The highest hardness in practice is HRC55 (high-frequency quenching HRC58).

45 steel is widely used in machinery. It has excellent mechanical properties. But this is a medium carbon steel, quenching performance is not good, 45 steel can be hardened to HRC42~46. So if you need surface hardness, and want to play the superior mechanical properties of 45 # steel, often 45 # steel surface carburizing quenching, so that you can get the required surface hardness


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