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Each type of carbon steel has its specific purpose

Carbon steel, also known as carbon steel, is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 2%, and usually contains small amounts of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements in addition to carbon. According to the use and chemical composition, carbon steel can be divided into many types, each type of carbon steel has its own specific purpose.

Carbon structural steel: mainly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing and other fields. This type of steel can be further subdivided into building structural steel and machine manufacturing structural steel.

Carbon tool steel: Used in the manufacture of various tools, molds and other tools, it is suitable for these uses because of its high hardness and wear resistance.

Free-cutting structural steel: This type of steel is easy to process and is often used to make machine parts and other products that require precision machining.

Low carbon steel (ωc≤0.25%) : Due to its good plasticity and toughness, low carbon steel is suitable for cold-rolled steel plates and large structural parts.

Medium carbon steel (ωc=0.25%-0.6%) : Medium carbon steel has a balance between hardness and plasticity, and is suitable for the manufacture of mechanical parts and some tools.

High carbon steel (ωc> 0.6%) : Because of its high hardness, high carbon steel is often used to make springs, steel wires, and other tools that require hardness.

Ordinary carbon steel: higher phosphorus and sulfur content, suitable for general industrial use.

High quality carbon steel: low phosphorus and sulfur content, suitable for more demanding industrial uses.

High quality steel: lower phosphorus and sulfur content, suitable for special industrial uses, such as aerospace.

Overall, carbon steel's high strength and low cost make it the material of choice for many industries, especially in aerospace, the energy industry, the chemical industry, offshore engineering, and oil and gas extraction. In addition, carbon steel is also very common in the building materials, automotive industry, used to manufacture steel bars, body structure and other components.


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