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Carbon steel and stainless steel symbols

The symbol for carbon steel is CS, while the symbol for stainless steel is SS. Carbon steel is an alloy of iron and carbon with a carbon content between 0.0218% and 2.11%, also known as carbon steel. It also typically contains small amounts of elements such as silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. In general, the higher the content of carbon in carbon steel, the greater its hardness and strength, but the lower the plasticity.

Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel), according to the definition of GB/T20878-2007, is a steel with stainless and corrosion resistance as the main characteristics, and its chromium content is at least 10.5%, while the carbon content is not more than 1.2%. Stainless steel is denoted by SS.

Carbon steel and stainless steel have their own symbols. The symbol of carbon steel can be A1 to A7, or 10 # steel, 15 # steel, etc. And stainless steel is used 201, 304 and other grades to indicate. The grade of stainless steel is represented by combining the symbol of the alloying element with a number, in which a number represents the average carbon content. For example, 4Cr13 and 9Cr18 are grades of stainless steel.

The grade representation method of carbon steel is composed of four parts: the letter "Q" of the yield point, the numerical value of the decimal point, the quality grade and the symbol of the deoxidation method. For example, Q235, A and F are carbon steel grades.


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