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Knowledge of galvanized flat steel

Flat steel is used for building structure, mechanical equipment frame, as well as beam and column of the main material, in use has a great role. Here is a small series for you to introduce the role of flat steel knowledge.

1. Flat steel is mainly used for strips and wall beams of steel structure buildings, and can also be combined into lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components by itself.

2. due to the small size of flat steel but high strength (tensile strength above 600mpa), plastic toughness is better, so more rolled into sheet or forged for sheet; It can also be made into various profiles by cold bending for deep processing.

3. according to the different shape of the section can be divided into groove and special type two types.

4. for bearing the dynamic load structure with steel should also ensure enough plasticity and toughness to bear the dynamic load generated by the couple moment.

5. the requirement of a certain strength of the important structure of steel should also have a certain hardenability to meet the load after the occurrence of large plastic deformation without damage ability;

6. for important welding structural parts must also ensure good welding performance to ensure the quality of the weld and reduce the generation of post-welding stress:

7. the large section of the parts can be divided into the upper part and the lower part of the two parts are made respectively and then assembled into the overall force component to improve its utilization.

8. some special purpose flat steel also has good cold forming performance and cutting properties, such as the longitudinal rib of the automobile girder, the cold forming pipe of the window frame beam and the shaft parts on some machines.


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