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Steel H-Beams

H-beam is a kind of economical section and high-efficiency section with more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio. The cross-sectional shape is similar to the capital Latin letter H. It is also called universal steel beam, wide-edge (side) I-beam or parallel flange construction. Word steel. The cross section of H-beam usually includes two parts: web and flange, also called waist and edge.

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steel H beam details

H-beam steel is an economical and efficient profile with more optimized section area distribution and more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio, so it is named because its section is the same as the English letter "H". Because all parts of H beam are arranged at right angles, H beam has been widely used for its advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight in all directions.

〣Advantages of H beam steel

The inner and outer flanges of H-beams are parallel or nearly parallel, and the ends of the flanges are at right angles, hence the name parallel flanged I-beams. The thickness of the web of H-beam is smaller than that of ordinary I-beams with the same height of the web, and the width of the flange is larger than that of ordinary I-beams with the same height of the web, so it is also named wide rim I-beams. Determined by the shape, the section modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beam are obviously better than that of ordinary I-beam with the same single weight. Used in different requirements of the metal structure, whether under bending moment, pressure load, eccentric load show its superior performance, can greatly improve the bearing capacity than ordinary I-steel, metal saving 10% ~ 40%. H beam has wide flange, thin web, many specifications and flexible use, which can save 15% ~ 20% metal in various truss structures. Because the flange is parallel inside and outside, and the edge end is at a right Angle, it is easy to assemble and combine into various components, which can save about 25% of the welding and riveting work, and greatly accelerate the construction speed of the project and shorten the construction period.

〣H-section steel for use

Due to the above advantages, H beam is widely used in: various civil and industrial building structures; A variety of long-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas with frequent seismic activity and high temperature working conditions; Large Bridges with large bearing capacity, good cross-section stability and large span are required; Heavy equipment; A highway; Ship skeleton; Mine support; Foundation treatment and dam engineering; Various machine components.

〣Product Introduction

Name:Profile steel H beam
Flange Width:100mm-1000mm
Flange Thickness:4.5mm-36mm
Web Thickness:4.5mm-36mm
Web Width:100mm – 1000mm
Length:12m or as requirements
Packing:Industry standard packaging or according to client’s requirement
Payment:TT, Irrevocable LC at sight, Western union, Ali trade assurance
Shipment:Within 8-14 workdays,15-30 days when the quantity beyond 1000 tons

〣Project Pictures


〣Factory Show



Q1. Do you provide samples ? 

 A: Yes ,we would provide samples For Free . The courier freight will be covered by customer’s account.

Q2.What about the payment terms ?

 A: We accept different payment terms like T/T, L/C , Cash, Western Union, Alibaba online paying etc . 

Q3.How about the delivery time? A: Normally it takes 15-35 days since order confirmation. Q5. Could you customized as our request? 

A: Yes, just tell your demands, we can offer the customized solution for you, such as material, hardness, thickness,width and so on. 

Q4.How can I visit your factory ? 

 A: Welcome to visit our factory at any time. We will help you accessing the business visa to China . Assist arranging your schedule in China ,including the factory visiting , products quality checking , car picking up, hotel booking , food service etc

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