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what is the difference between open plate and medium plate

What is the difference between open plate and medium plate? What is the difference between hot rolled coil and open plate

There are many types of steel plate, it is inevitable that many people will be confused, Zhengzhou Jinchengda as open plate, pattern plate, hot rolled coil, general plate and other one-stop suppliers, still have a certain understanding of steel. Integrity management for 20 years, next for you about the difference between various common steel plates, to facilitate your learning and understanding. In fact, the difference between the steel plate can be distinguished in the name, and there are certain differences in the use. In the process of continuous contact can be more profound understanding.

General plate is the abbreviation of ordinary hot-rolled carbon steel plate, which generally refers to the thin plate of the Q235 series. Medium plate generally refers to the hot rolled plate above 20mm to below 50mm. Coil, as the name suggests, refers to steel coil, must be opened to use, common thickness between 2mm-20mm, common materials are Q235, Q345, etc., coil is also divided into hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil, stainless steel coil, pattern coil and so on. Generally refers to hot rolled thin roll. The open plate refers to the steel plate after the roll plate is opened, and the roll plate cannot be used if it is not opened. Simply put, it is the steel plate after the roll plate is spread and cut into a certain length.

Single rolled steel plate usually refers to the medium thick plate, the medium thick plate has been a flat plate in the process of rolling and finishing, usually thicker (more than 6mm), and the width can reach 4800mm at the fastest.

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